Kersey Transmission your Primary Care Automotive Facility!

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Monday Through Thursday 8:30 to 4:30


About Me

Kersey Transmission & Auto Repair Since 1981

Mark Kersey

Kersey Transmission is located at 10925 Brown Rd Denham Springs Louisiana on the left coming from Juban Rd.

I have been rebuilding transmissions for over 35 years now and I am continuously attending seminars and workshops to keep up with the latest technology. I  would like to be Your "Primary Care Automotive Facility" If a repair that your car needs is a repair that we do not feel comfortable completing, we will reccomend a Technician that we are confident will complete the repair with the same quality the we would want for our own loved one. We are a repair facility that operates with Integrity and Honesty! We are not known for the cheapest shop in town!

We perform top quality repairs for a reasonable price. Honesty, Professional Service and Safety are our priority. "This is our time Denham Springs" Let's build a Business community that we can be proud of! Thank You!

Does your car have one of these lights on?

"Check Engine"

"Service Engine Soon"          "Check Transmission"

Do you have a D4 or a OD Light flashing? What about a Traction Control , Brake or ABS light on?

Has your Instrument panel lit up like a Christmas tree? 😒

If you do, one of the components on your car is telling you "Please take me to Kersey Transmission, I am having problems and only Kersey Transmission can fix me! Okay, maybe not in those words, but your car is warning you that something bad is on the verge of happening and now is the time to have it checked out before a catastrophe happens to your car.

At Kersey Transmission we have the latest diagnostic equipment unmatched by any other shop in the Denham Springs and Walker area 

( The Zeus ) The latest in Snap On's arsenal of Diagnostic tools.

Imports or Domestic from 2019 back to the 1950'S is no problem for us, I have been around for a very long time!

Where To Find Us


Kersey Transmission and Auto Repair is located

1 1/2 miles South on Juban Rd, from Interstate 12, Left onto Brown Rd, 1/4 of a mile on the left. Thank you for choosing Kersey Transmission, come on by and sit a while and drink a cup of coffee and watch the cows graze as we chat a bit about your car, life and the good ole days. I look forward to serving you and getting to know you. 

Enjoy this video short!


2006 Chevy Colorado 4X4  4L60E Transmission Slipping


5R55E Overdrive Sprague Rotation


State of the art the most up to date Diagnostic equippment in the Denham Springs area.


Ford Ranger 5R55e  water in fluid

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Auto Repair

We at Kersey Transmission  specialize in auto repair and diagnostics on all domestic and Import auto

Air conditioning

Air conditon in South louisiana is a must! We repair ac ( Air condition) on all makes and models. we replace ac compressors, ac evaporators and get your car cooled off again.


We want you  to be safe when you or your loved one is out and about. We replace brake pads, Brake Rotors, Brake calipers. and ABS sytems.


We at Kersey Transmission fix noises like clicks and bumps. We replace front end parts like; Ball joints,Control arms, Tie Rods

Engine and drivetrain

WE ARE KNOWN FOR  BEING THE MOST PERSISTANT CHECK ENGINE LIGHT SPECIALISTS. WE DO TUNE UPS, OIL CHANGE, WATER PUMPS, TIMING BELTS .We replace CV Axles, Universal Joints, Transmissions, Automatic and Manual,Engine Mounts and more...